Since 1991, Allonca Abogados is focusing on the commercial operations of local and foreign companies doing business in Argentina.

The firm has a strong Middle Market orientation and works hard to develop a wide network of business relationships with both public and private clients in Argentina and abroad.

With offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina and Sao Paulo, Brazil, and also liaison offices throughout the Americas, Europe, Asia and the Middle East, Allonca Abogados can provide worldwide legal advice.

From Buenos Aires, the firm delivers services as a one-stop-shop, serving the needs of local
and global clients by developing and executing multi-jurisdictional legal strategies.

«Allonca Law Firm is a proud member of Grimaldi Alliance, IR Global and Nextlaw Referral Network, among others international legal networks.»

• Highly personalized attention. We are here for you.
• In-depth understanding of South American markets and business culture.
• Offices covering the main Mercosur countries
• Fully integrated team of Professionals in Brazil and Argentina
• Uniform standard of services
• Team fluent in Spanish, English and Portuguese
• The close coordination between our in-country teams allows us to offer very strong
cross-border services.
• Fully equipped with a comprehensive South American database of legislation, contracts, judicial and administrative resolutions.
• Geographical mobility within our offices and our network.